SEO marketing – Common mistakes Part 1

Keyword stuffing

Many people are put off by a poorly-built and/or poorly-designed website. Repeating the same terms over and over again on a page is considered a somewhat underhand technique that is obviously and deliberately aimed at manipulating the rankings in a search engine result list.

In fact, it does not even actually work any more, because the major search engines, such as Google, have got wise to this, and will ignore the repetition wherever possible. So it is not only ugly to look at and difficult to read, but the chances are, it will have little or no long-term benefit as regards your result rankings.


Broken links

A broken link is the name given to a hyperlink to another website that no longer points to or reaches its intended destination. All sites naturally accumulate broken links over time, but they are guaranteed to annoy your visitors. Even worse, Google gets annoyed by them, too.

Bad links will, basically, make you look bad, yourself. So Google downgrades rankings of sites with lots of issues like this, as they appear to be poorly maintained and not up-to-date. In fact, several broken links can be a clue as to how old and neglected a page is, meaning it may be of no use to you anyway.

Do not become one of these. Timetable regular housekeeping of your site – at least once a month, please. And not just the front page – all of them.

Bad links

If you are happy your site links to an existing page, and is not a broken hyperlink, the next word of warning is to make sure that the site you are linking to is credible and legal. Many a news article centres on someone posting a link but spelling it incorrectly, and accidentally diverting all the users to an unsavoury website with potentially illegal content. Check every link yourself. When no one is looking over your shoulder. Just in case.


You want to encourage other sites to link to yours, as this will increase both your traffic and your recognition in the rankings. But make sure that those sites are also credible and legal. Praise for your cooking from Chef Gordon Ramsay? Fantastic. Praise for your cooking from the chip shop down the road that just got done by Environmental Health? Not so good.

To be continued…