Become A Rockstar SEO with White Hat SEO Techniques

In the blunt and bold world of Internet Marketing, everyone is found, talking about SEO. Page rank, indexing, quality links and blah blah. Yes, you have started a business and want a fireshot boost, SEO is the tool that first comes in your mind to grab more and more customers. But Google is not there to become a fool, it is consistently working on its algorithm to come up with threatening updates like Panda, Penguin and more future versions.

Google aims one thing: “To provide most relevant, informative and refined search results to its users.” With this target in mind, Google has always blacklisted the spammers, and black hat SEOs attempting for the illegitimate techniques to rank their sites. The shortcut will give you success, but that would be short-term, if you want the real, long-term and constant triumph, be a rockstar white hat SEO.

What is White Hat SEO?


Do I have to wear a white colored hat while doing SEO? No, that is not something you are thinking if you are an SEO starter. White-hat SEO refers to the legal and true techniques to rank your site. Instead of doing nefarious acts, cheating and employing illegal methodologies to get a high ranking, you must ensure a consistent and right way to be visible in search engines.

Keyword stuffing, cloaking, duplicate content etc. are the acts that will make you visible to Google threats more, instead of Google search engine’s indexing. This way, you have more chances of being penalized by the Penguin and its recent versions.

i- Prioritize On-Page SEO Strategy:


Many of the people think social media and content creation fulfill all the SEO needs. If you are a an SEO starter, put your efforts on the first and foremost essential, i.e the on-page SEO strategy. Remember two things, your website has an architecture that is easy to navigate, making it capable of crawled by search engines, secondly pages are well-indexed. This technical aspect of SEO steps you into the world of marketing, in a right way.

ii- Focus on Your Site’s Profile:


I have mentioned this aspect, in accordance of Google’s penalization threats. As an anticipation and being a smart SEO, you have to check out how organically your site is growing. Google’s strategy rolls around the site profile. As much natural site profile you have (with high quality links pointing to the site), the lesser will be the chances of getting penalized by Google, means higher and consistent chances of high rankings.

iii- Start Brand Awareness Campaign Through Social Media:


Next step for a successful and right SEO, is to utilize the hype of social media. Social media campaigns do not involve only bringing millions of likes to your fan page. It is the name of Brand Awareness. Encouraging the online conversation will make the audience more aware of your brand, thus helps you in building more natural links. Instead of simple social contents, use hilarious videos, infographics, catchy promos and showcase every insight of your brand.

iv- Come up with Scrupulous Content Marketing


v- Avoid Spammy and Bad Links:


Do not ever link to the bad and spammy links, containing the questionable content. This will not only disrupt your entire SEO strategy, in fact will make Google attack your site first. Google wants everything appearing natural, therefore linking to the high quality and relevant links, make your profile more natural and organic.

In short, do not look at the shortcuts to get a boost in the industry, you can get to the destinations, slowly and steadily. White-hat SEO is a mean to ensure constant victory and be protected from Google’s penalization threats as well.